About Us


We are a family owned business based in Langley serving our community and all our artists over the globe a little more every day since the past 11 years.

At Ariana, our rugs are the trend setters in the industry. We bring unique and new designs carefully curated from years of experience. Expertise from our collaborated partners (shareeks) and researching the latest trends in the industry we equip the artists with a vision.

Every rug that we have is exclusive and one of a kind. Tailored and created by Qaleen Bauffs (rug makers) from Afghanistan, Nepal, Turkey, India, Iran and Pakistan.
We strongly believe in empowering the creators themselves. Thus, we deal with them personally and eliminate the middleman. The artist makes all the profit, and we get to represent a priceless work of art in the form of a sparse, yet rich tradition dating back centuries.

The tradition of rugs condenses years of knowledge and experience into trends and stories of many people, cultures and places. At Ariana, we ensure that this tradition translates into not just quality but a luxury that lasts a lifetime exclusively and uniquely for you.



We want to be the go-to professionals that you come to for match-making the best rugs in this word, for you. 


We wish to be the largest collection of rugs in the North-Western Region of World.
(Currently, the largest in Canada)


Our values are a culmination of the various countries which we represent in our rugs.

  • Dependable & Reliable: Each rug represents a new relationship that ties a new rug owner with the people who created it. Your investment helps secure the means of living for many artists over this world. These creators depend and rely on us as we source their raw materials and cut out the middleman to minimize their risk & investment; at the same time maximizing their profit in a trade that is slowly dying as each generation passes.Ariana for many of our Qaleen Bauffs (creators) is the only thing standing between preserving their culture or abandoning it for an easier pay-day.
  • Quality & Service: When you purchase a rug from Ariana, you KNOW that we will be with you throughout its life. Whenever you need assistance in caring for your rug, you can rest easy knowing all you have to do is call us, and we will do the rest. Be it washing, repairing or even exchanging it, our relationship is one that will last, just like our rugs.


We sincerely thank our customers for your support through the years and years to come. We want you to love your new Area rug! So if, for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your choice, you can exchange it for a different one – and there’s no need to rush, you have 4 months to sleep on it!