There are two ways to consider Oriental rugs as an investment:

A: Long Term (New Oriental Carpets)

Every antique carpet was once a new carpet. Yet the heritage of an Oriental carpet makes it an ancient work of art. With reasonable care, it will outline the owner and become an heirloom for future generations. Unlike broadloom or other floor coverings, one will increase with the passage of time. An Oriental carpet is a permanent hedge against inflation and an art treasure for long term investment. The price of your new, fine quality oriental carpet will appreciate proportionately with its age.

B: Short Term (Semi-Antique and Antique carpet)

Until recently, antique oriental carpets have been the least understood form of investment. However within the last few years, they have been recognized as one of the prime investments in the art market. Like real estate, diamonds, gold, paintings and sculptures, the rare oriental carpet is also a profitable form of tangible investment. These tangible investments are usually purchased primarily for use and pleasure, and secondarily for future resale value. According to the available proof, antique carpets show all the possibilities of a solid investment: a steady demand and diminishing supply.

Most major periodicals have reported very strong gains in these carpets. In 1978, the Wall street Journal confirmed that there are few, fine examples of Persian rus on the market.

In a 1977 sale at Southby Park Burnet in New York, a silk Tabriz rug was sold for $200,000. In 1966, a Boston Museum of Fine Arts paid $400,000 for rare silk Kashan Rug, while in Geneva, Switzerland, a similar rug in April 1970, was bought for $330,500. These are a few of many examples of the fine antique rugs bought and sold in the last fifteen years.

Depending on its size, age, quality of material, closeness of weave, rarity of design and colour combination, authenticity and condition, the value of an antique carpet can vary between $5000 to $200,000. As rare works of art, their vaue will continue to appreciate in the future more than a new rug.


This is the most expensive rug ever sold. This beautiful seventeenth century Persian rug sold for nearly $34 million today at a Sotheby’s auction in New York City






At just under $100,000 USD, the Mohatashmen Kashan Rug from centrial Persia is one of the highest grade kashan rugs made in the 19th century. High quality weaving and exceptional craftsmanship made this rug sell for $92,500