Oriental Rug Maintenance

Oriental rugs do not have to be washed every year. Surface cleaning at home, with one of the good oil-based soaps and water can be done whenever it is needed, or once every two years. Depending on the condition of your carpet, thorough washing is needed only once every 10 years and should be done by the professional cleaner.

For regular cleaning, the use of any hard bristle brush is strongly recommended. Brush your rug from one end to the other, stroking against the weft. Finally brush lightly against the run of the pile. This method has been in use since the oriental carpet originated. It is simple and carefree. However the use of a regular suction/brush type vacuum cleaner is also suggested. During vacuuming, avoid catching fringes.

Other hints to remember while caring for your oriental rug are:

  • Your rug should be laid with a 1/2″ thick underfelt, since this greatly minimizes the wear to which it is subjected, when placed over hardwood or brick floors.
  • Avoid placing heavy furniture on a rare or finely textured piece.
  • Apart from wear and tear, dampness, excessive humidity, insects, and the chemicals in old brick floor should be avoided.
  • When not in use, a carpet should be rolled rather than folded. It should be stored in a place of moderate humidity not exceeding 70 degrees; otherwise it will suffer from mildew and other molds. For prolonged storage, paradichlorobenzene crystal should be placed in the rolled up carpet.
  • Vacuum the underside of your carpet once every year.
  • Spillage should be acted upon immediately to prevent staining. Take a sponge, soak it in warm water and build a layer of lather by rubbing with any oil based bathing soap. Squeeze the excess water out and sponge the area.

In addition, have your oriental rug included in your home insurance reflecting its recent appraised value. Remember, it is a valuable form of art and should be insured accordingly.

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