Professional Carpet Cleaning / Wash

A professional washing is recommended every year to remove soil build-up and maintain your carpets’ vibrant colors. We recommend you have a professional clean your rug as they will use the proper steps to avoid having the colors run on your rugs and carpets. We provide this service to our local customers.

Additionally, to insure even wear, we recommend your rugs be rotated every six months to two years depending upon the location and traffic your rug.

Cleaning estimates and maintenance tips are always free!

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Complimentary Interior Design Consultation

We are happy to provide you with expert tips on your interior decorating project.
Please visit us in our show room. Feel free to bring samples, colours and photos that may help.

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Area Rug Underlay / Underpad

We provide area rug underlay products for all types of flooring. Our superior grip strength underlay helps keep rugs from slipping, wrinkling or creeping. Easily cut or fit any size or shape rug with household scissors. Treated with anti-microbial to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Guaranteed not to damage your floor or rug for 10 years. Made with a self-contained, dry adhesive that will not transfer to the rug or carpet.

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Carpet Repair & Restoration

If any mechanical damage is sustained, such as a cut or burn or any other kind of it, the damage should be dealt with as soon as possible by a component expert, because such lesions get worse very quickly.

In ordinary use, quite apart from accidents, the ends and sides often tend to wear and fray, in which case the damage should be repaired. Places in the middle of the carpet that are locally worn or damaged can have new knots inserted, and even large holes can be restored to make the rug almost as good as new, though such work is rather expensive. In carpets of less value, instead of new knotting, patches cut from a suitable run can often be inserted at less cost, and sometimes as serviceable small rug can be made from a larger worn one by cutting away the bad parts.

Repair / Cleaning estimates and maintanance tips are always free! Just call us.

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Rug Repair

Free Shipping & Delivery

We provide free delivery within the lower mainland of Vancouver (see in-store for details). As well, we provide free shipping with purchases over $4,000 for international orders (or with purchases over $2,500 within Canada). Free shipping does not apply to clearance sale items or other special promotions. Please contact us for further details.

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Trade-In / Appraisal

Your old or new unwanted carpet has a market value today. We buy handmade rugs as well as trade, appraise, professionally clean and repair all new and antique rugs. Based on our estimate and upon your approval we give you the credit towards any carpet in our store for you to choose, if you wish. We also appraise your carpet for a reasonable cost and issue a Certificate of Appraisal based on the condition, size, tightness, origin and other factors involved in estimating the real value of the carpet.

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